We cannot tell you the sound of waves and the smell of sea and lemon trees; words are meaningless to describe the vital colours of bougainvillaea, the glamorous dance of the sun on the water and the soft touch of the warm breeze on your cheeks. You need to come of Palamutbükü, one of the most beautiful bays in turkey to experience the enthusiasm that the turquoise sea creates in your heart and this amazing beauty.


Give yourself a gift and come to Palamubükü, Datça Peninsula where Aegean and Mediterranean seas are combined. Wake up to the day with bright sea and bird squeaking and let yourself in the crystal clear waters which you can even find your eyelash if it drops. While the blueness will hold your one hand, peaceful green with almond and never-dying olive trees will hold the other one. All you need to do is fill your lungs with oxygen and enjoy this unrealistically beautiful atmosphere. You will feel your body and soul is purified in Hotel Mavi Beyaz.


As the most beautiful hotel in Palamutbükü, Hotel Mavi Beyaz has an amazing sea view and the hotel guarantees a holiday where you will forget everything you know with chic rooms, delicious menu and guarantee for happiness.


For your most special day...

Don’t you want to make the most special day of your life unforgettable in a special bay with its sea and nature, on an amazing beach and with a dream-like organisation? Everything must be perfect; decoration, music, flowers, food and beverages... Hotel Mavi Beyaz creates an amazing atmosphere to enjoy the magic of your happy day as you wish. All you need to do is say “yes” with all your joy. Your honeymoon must be memorable just like your wedding... Hotel Mavi Beyaz thought everything detail to experience romanticism at the highest in your love journey of two. Let Hotel Mavi Beyaz handle all the details for a perfect honeymoon. And let the love take you away with the sound of waves and moonlight...

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Madame Louise prepares the desserts to pamper your soul and stomach with the highest quality ingredients and gives you an amazing feast of taste.


With Madame Louise’s boutique desserts, cakes and cookies prepared daily with completely natural ingredients and rich recipes, you will not need to compromise between your holiday and health. Especially, the desserts prepared with almond, the symbol of the peninsula, will be your favourites. Madame Louise meets every taste and offers her vegetarian dishes as well.

We would like to welcome you to our patisserie in Palamutbükü to share enjoyable and delicious desserts.

We can get your cake orders for your special days.


With our new concept, our service that starts in the morning with faster and more practical dishes continues with snacks in lunch and dinner and our delicious food accompany you with new dishes and enjoy healthy beverages in our beach bar.

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