Privacy Policy


Any personal data, intellectual property, trade secret or other legal protection or any other information that the parties have learned or acquired in any electronic, written or oral format about each other as well as employees, customers, visitors for the purpose of performing this contract shall be considered and handled as Confidential Information. Confidential Information include but limited to drawings, photographs, innovations, R & D studies, systems, fees, promotional ideas, processes, tests, formulas, methods and techniques, copyright, trademark, patent, industrial design, know-how, production, operation, program, software, data, tariffs, products, marketing and advertising, judicial information, accounting records and information or financing, contracts, projects, jobs, business plans, policies and practices, biometric data, all kinds of official documents, employee records, customer portfolio and all related information and meeting notes disclosed during the negotiations, negotiations or meetings between the Parties, all kinds of documents, analyses, works, proposals or other information submitted by the Parties to each other, the assets or activities of the Parties and the subject of the contract. information is not disclosed to the public.


Parties declare, undertake and agree to take all possible security precautions to prevent unauthorised acquisition, usage, transfer or destruction of the Confidential Information and to prevent any violation of rights. Parties shall take adequate precautions for their employees to adhere to privacy liabilities.


Non-confidential information, public information, information obtained from other sources or information used with the explicit consent of the parties are outside the scope of privacy liability.


Regardless of the reason, Parties that violate the privacy liability declare, undertake and accept to pay any compensation in case of any private or explicit damage arises and proved in front of the competent authority.


Parties undertake not to employ other parties employees during this Contract and for 2 years after the Contract has terminated, not to form any direct or indirect business relationship such as partnership, representation, management and consultancy services with these employees as their legal relationship starts with this Contact. If the provisions of this article are infringed, the infringing party declares, undertakes and accepts to be held responsible for material and immaterial damages due to loss of work of the other party.


The Parties shall continue to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules and regulations concerning the protection of personal data, including the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) and related bylaws, regulations, communiqués, and decisions relating to this Contract, and will continue to comply even and guarantee that they will not cause any infringement. The Parties declare and undertake that any data transferred and/or accessed to third parties including their employees are in line with KVKK and such personal data is processed based on clarified open consent or one of the applicable laws. In the event that the parties violate their liabilities within the framework of their rights and obligations for the protection of personal data in a negligent, defective or deliberate manner, the parties may incur any damages due to administrative and / or criminal and / or legal sanctions that may be incurred by the other party. accepts, declares and undertakes to pay immediately without the need for follow-up.


If this Contract is terminated for any reason, other than a non-competition article in this contract, any other articles shall be considered by the Parties indefinitely.




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