Open your arms to two sides and embrace the sky; you will find Aegean sea on one hand and the Mediterranean on the other.

Datça, a province where two unique seas Aegean and Mediterranean meet like two passionate lovers... Clear air that will make you feel you are breathing, crystal clear water which you can see the fish with your naked eyes, 52 bays with various size shining like a jewellery, historical treasure Knidos Ancient City and natural taste of Datça will make you feel like you were reborn. You will notice how prosperous nature is in Datça with its geography, olive, olive oil, honey, almond and the highest quality boutique (grouper and sea bream) fish in Turkey. Your soul will be purified with never-dying olive, the symbol of prosperity pomegranate and thyme smells.


Did you know Datça was among the 100 places with “Special Environmental Protection Region” status by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) as one of the treasures of the earth?  Datça’s fame has reached international dimension and this place deserves such praise and interest. Datça was defined as “the land with extraordinary qualities” in ancient Greek mythology and historical and cultural richness dates back to 2000 BC. This historical province was home to Karian, Dor, Lydia, Persian, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilisations; 235 km coastline and surrounding Simi, Rhodes, Kalki, Tilos and Kos islands gives an unforgettable holiday to those who want to trace the history and find peace at the heart of nature.


It is not possible to mention Father Can (Yücel) when we talk about Datça.  Famous poet loved Datça so much to say “let my final resting place be Datça”; he thought is as heaven. In Datça, you will feel the heaven on stone streets and stone houses decorated in bougainvillaea in Old Datça and enjoy happiness and romanticism at the same time in this poetic ambience.


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