Knidos the city of science, architecture, art and wine. The land of Goddesses, kings and scientists... The ancient city at the heart of the sun...

Imagine a city; thousands of years old ancient city. A city hand in hand with the blueness where you can cool down either in Aegean sea or the Mediterranean when you are too hot on marble streets. Knidos, a historical and cultural treasure hidden at the heart of Datça Peninsula; intertwined with science, architecture and art throughout the history. Famous mathematician, physicist, architect and lawmaker Eudoksus, famous painter Playgnotes, doctor Euryplon, Sostrostos, the architect of the 7th wonder of the world the Lighthouse of Alexandria lived here. Famous sculptor Praksiteles carved the famous Aphrodite sculpture here in 4th century BC. The most important scientist of the period, doctor Euryphon and his students established the second largest medical school in Knidos.


Historian Strabon says that Knidos resembles a theatre rising from the coastline to acropolis and you can witness the stoa, city walls, small theatre ad Apollon Carneious Sacred Area sections of this city.


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