Palamutbükü, a unique bay mentioned in mythology and mentioned with love and beauties throughout history...

Datça is not only a legendary province with its nature. This peninsula has a unique geographical structure that has been in the Greek mythology and hosted many Gods and Goddesses. Palamutbükü Bay is right next to Knidos, where the king of God Zeus’ dazzling daughter love Goddess Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea. 2-km long sandy and pebbly white beach of Palamutbükü has become one with the blueness of the sea and the horizon. You can witness thousands of different tones of blue with sweet games of the sun; the sea is so clear that you can count the pebbles from a few meters behind. Palamutbükü has been selected as the clearest coastline in Aegean and Mediterranean area by Greenpeace; you can enjoy the beauties of this bay with almond, pine and olive trees, high-level of oxygen, dry air and summer breeze which will make you forget about the heat.


Palamutbükü 25 km west from Datça centre and on the south part of the peninsula is named after the valonia tree and without any doubt, it is the most beautiful bay in Datça. Come to Datça, another name given to peace and see all these with your own eyes. Be a guest to happiness in Hotel Mavi Beyaz with chic architecture among Palamutbükü hotels, high-quality service and comfortable beach.


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