Ancient City Of Knidos

Knidos; a city of science, architecture, art, and wine. A land of goddesses, kings, and scientists… An ancient town in the bosom of The Sun…

Imagine a city, an ancient city thousands of years old. A city hugged in blue, where you will let yourself into the sea of the Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea from its historic port after you step through the marble streets and are overwhelmed by the heat. Knidos, a historical and cultural treasure hidden in the Datça Peninsula heart, has been intertwined with science, architecture, and art throughout history. The famous mathematician, physicist, architect, and legislator Eudoxus, the renowned painter Polygnotos, doctor Euryphon, Sostratos, the architect of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the world, lived here. The famous sculptor Praxiteles sculpted the world-famous statue of Aphrodite in the 4th century BC.  Dr. Euryphon, one of the most influential scientists of the period, and his students founded the second largest medical school in Knidos.

You can witness the traces of Knidos’ leadership in science and art. Historian Strabon likens to a theater rising from the coast to the Acropolis by visiting parts of the city such as the Stoa, the city walls, the small theater, and the Sanctuary of Apollon Karneios.