Beyaz Beach

Crowning glory of Palamutbükü, Beyaz Beach

A purely white beach in front of your eyes and a turquoise sea so clear that you can count every single pebble stone under it… Imagine yourself lying on that beach, listening to the meditative sounds of waves. Moment stops; nature is before your eyes with all of its beauty. You’re in Palamutbuku, in Datca’s finest bay; in Beyaz Beach, in the bay’s finest place.

Come to the Datça Peninsula, which is under the protection of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and, according to the Greenpeace organization (as a result of mud samples taken every 5 miles from the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts), has the cleanest shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean. In Palamutbükü, in the bay’s pearl Beyaz Beach, breathe in the blue, which is laid in front of you with all its shades, and feel that you’re alive.

Beyaz Beach Gallery