Any personal data, intellectual property, trade secret, or other information or document about each other, about their customers or visitors which is whether subject to legal protection (obtained or gained for the execution of this Agreement) via electronic media, oral or written means are marked as “confidential information.”     Not limited but in the scope of Confidential Information these are subject to Confidential Information; drawings, photographs, innovations, R&D studies, pricing, promotion ideas, processes, tests, formulas, methods and techniques, copyright, trademark, patent, Industrial Design, know-how, production, operation, program, software, data, tariffs, products, marketing and advertising efforts, judgment information, accounting records and information or financing, contracts, projects, jobs, business plans, policies and practices, biometric data, all official documents, employee records, customer portfolio and information of them, and negotiations between the parties, or meeting notes disclosed in the process of talks or meetings, all documents parties submit to each other, analysis, study, proposal or additional information, parties’ assets or operations and undisclosed information about operations that are subject to the AgreementAgreement.

As for the security of confidential information, the parties agree, declare, and undertake that they will take all reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized knowledge, use, transfer, or destruction of them and not cause any violation of rights. The parties shall also take the necessary steps to ensure that their employees comply with this confidentiality obligation.

Non-confidential information, public information, information obtained from other sources, and information used with the other party’s explicit consent or the person concerned are outside the scope of the confidentiality obligation.

In case of violation of the confidentiality obligation, regardless of any reason, the parties agree, declare and undertake to pay negative, positive damages incurred/to be incurred by the other party for this reason, in case of proof before the competent authorities.

The parties agree and declare not to employ and not to make business relationships either directly or indirectly by a partnership, representation, management, consulting, etc. with the employees employed by the other party during the period after the beginning of their legal relations with each other per this Agreement or another agreement and for 2 years from the end of the Agreement. In the event of a violation of this article’s provisions, the party acting contrary agrees, declares, and undertakes that they will be responsible for the other party’s loss of business and any other material and moral damages arising from this.

The parties shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules regarding personal data protection, including the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (KVKK) and related regulations, regulations, communiqués, and decisions. They will continue to comply even if the contract is terminated, and they undertake and guarantee that they will not be violated. Parties, within the scope of this AgreementAgreement, agrees and declares that the personal data that belongs to the third parties, including their employees and that they transferred and/or provided access to each other, are obtained in accordance to KVKK and that they processed and transferred concerning data with the compliance of the law or with the explicit consent of the persons. The Parties agrees, declares, and undertakes to immediately indemnify at first request and without any legal pursuit in cases of any damages (administrative and/or criminal and/or civil) of the other party resulted due to their negligence of commitments within the framework of rights and obligations of protecting the personal data, defective or deliberate violations.

Even in the event of termination of this AgreementAgreement for any reason, the obligations contained in this article, other than the prohibition of competition, will be evaluated by the Parties indefinitely following the provisions of this article, without being subject to any period.